Stay Cool with Tinted Windows

    • It is summer time and the temperatures are soaring. You try everything to keep yourself cool and the heat at bay but everything fails. Whether you are at home or you are in your car driving home, the heat gets to you everywhere. So what do you do? You call the window tinting Brisbane experts at Asunco Tinting who help you completely cover the windows of your car and your home to stop the sun’s rays from entering. This causes cooling and then you notice that the air conditioner and the fans are working more effectively. You will feel immediate relief from heat. We cover your windows with the best film from 3M. These are available in regular and anti-reflective types. While the regular film does not allow harmful UV rays to pass through your glass windows, the anti-reflective film reflects the sun’s rays off your window.  This cooling effect allows your upholstery and curtains to last longer because they do not fade. We are the Gold Coast window tinting specialists (read more about our Gold Coast tinting service at and our existing customers vouch for our services. We make your home or car more environment friendly by reducing the heating. Also your electronic equipment such as your television and computer has better visibility because there is a huge reduction in glare. You can call our friendly customer service staff to help you make the right choice of film to use for tinting of your car and home windows. They will guide you and give you the best advice on the type of tinting that would suit your needs. We are very well known in and around Brisbane for our tinting services. Our clients trust us to do the best job for them. Not only do we use the best quality film, we also provide you after sales service. We guarantee that our Brisbane window tinting service which you can view here will last you long and take care of all your summer concerns.

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